Take Action

Take Action Today!!

Attend the Metro Board Meeting Thursday October 24th

10:00 a.m. at the Metro headquarters located at One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles 90012 in the third floor Board room.

The Metro Board will be voting on whether or not to move this project to the environmental review stage and which routes to include in the review.

We need you to attend and voice your concerns about this busline and how it will negatively affect our neighborhoods.  John Lee, our Councilmember for CD12, will be arranging buses to bring community members to the meeting.  Check back in few days for more information.

Contact us if you have questions about attending or would like info on transportation to the meeting.

The full agenda and supporting documents will be posted later this week.

Senator Hertzberg and CSUN are planning to stack the room with CSUN students and staff in support of the BRT.  We need your presence to counter this CSUN attempt to push us around.


Send a letter to Metro Board Members, CSUN Leadership, and Senator Bob Hertzberg telling them “Hands off Our Peaceful Neighborhood!”  

Please include your real name and address or they will not take your letter seriously. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties and you will not be spammed.

Call to Action! Tuesday 6/18 – Our Call to Action was succesful in getting the attention of the six members of the Metro Committee that heard this item.

The full Metro Board has delayed hearing this item until September.  

Check back soon for our next call to action.  In the meantime, if you have not sent your letter to the Metro board, CSUN Leadership, and Senator Bob Hertzberg as explained above, do it now.

Make certain the city council candidate you vote for is NOT in support of the busway down Nordhoff!

John Lee has committed to opposing the busway down Nordhoff.  Loraine Lundquist is in favor of the busway regardless of which route it takes.

Share this with your friends and neighbors.

This project will affect all of the Valley especially: North Hills West, Northridge and Chatsworth neighborhoods.